Support Services



Departmental or Group Orientation Programs

Designed to provide the best practices for safety and security for the Tulane community. The subjects can range from "What to do if you are confronted by an attacker" to "Best practice for traveling on/off campus."

Although all groups within the Tulane community are eligible for additional orientations, some groups that receive regularly scheduled orientations are:

  • Freshman Orientation
  • Fraternities
  • Sororities
  • Athletic
  • Parent Orientation
  • Departmental Orientation
Special Events

Provides and coordinates public safety services for on- and off-campus events.

Personal Escort

A free service provided by TUPD officers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and up-to one mile off of campus (see Safe Walk Corridor). Just contact TUPD at 504-865-5381 for details.


Our smartphone app that can be used as a virtual escort to and from the various Tulane campuses. You must have a valid Tulane email address to set up your profile.

Click here for set up instructions.

Lighting and Security Surveys

Provided upon request for Tulane-owned property and private owned residences within the "Safe Walk" corridor. Safety and Lighting Surveys are conducted upon request by the Crime Prevention Coordinator, who is Nationally Accredited in Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED). Through established best practices, the Crime Prevention Coordinator submits a written report indicating best case scenarios for adding security equipment (cameras, swipe cards, etc.), adding/removing vegetation (shrubs, trees, etc.) that can obstruct the view of windows and other possible target areas for break-ins, recommending lighting types and placement of the same. These assessments are also conducted off-campus, non-Tulane property, such as property rented by Tulane affiliates within the Safe Walk Corridor. This service is free for Tulane community members.

Residence Hall Walk-Throughs

Periodically conducted by TUPD with the resident advisor (RA), going room to room informing residents of safety measures, such as keeping doors locked while dorm is unattended, etc.

Operation ID

A program by which students, faculty and staff members can borrow department-owned engravers to mark their personal property for identification purposes in the event the property was illegally removed from the control of its owner.

Community Policing Unit

A subsection of the Patrol Division that was formed to establish a general trust between the Tulane Community and TUPD. The Community Policing Coordinator facilitates various safety programs and events to provide safety education to the Tulane Community. The Community Policing Coordinator also attends various orientations throughout the year, meeting with both incoming students and faculty.

Community Liason Program

Designed to establish a bond between the TUPD and the Tulane Community. Officers are assigned to specific districts and attend meetings relative to safety and community involvement. The Community Liaison program also promotes safety education such as the use of safety brochures for bicycling, jogging, and parking garage safety.

Active Shooter Training

Conducted by the TUPD for its students, faculty, and staff so that they are equipped with the knowledge of how to respond during an active shooter incident. We also encourage the FEMA Active Shooter Concept:

Run, Hide, Fight