Police FAQs

  1. What are you doing to combat crime near Tulane University?

    The Police Department is constantly evaluating our operations and implementing progressive ideas as we partner with our community stakeholders to reduce the likelihood of criminal activity. We look at our security plan on a daily basis to address issues and areas of concern. This summer the Tulane University Police Department has taken the following steps:

    Established heavily patrolled pedestrian corridors for students to utilize while off campus. Students are encouraged to walk within this corridor for extra security (Freret, Willow, Calhoun, Broadway and Maple Streets).

    Added another Saferide shuttle, providing free rides to students within the one mile perimeter.

  2. Where does TUPD patrol?

    Most universities typically patrol their campus areas. However, Tulane has taken the unprecedented step of expanding its police jurisdiction to a one mile perimeter around campus.

  3. How large is your police force?

    Between the uptown and downtown districts, our department includes approximately 80 full-time sworn officers.

  4. Does TUPD coordinate with NOPD?

    Yes. We are in daily contact with officers of the Second District. NOPD and TUPD both respond to calls when needed within the one mile perimeter. We have embarked on a collaborative plan to share information and assist in any way to make arrests, to solve and to prevent crimes and to keep our campus community safe.

  5. Are TUPD officers qualified to make arrests?

    Yes. They have arrest powers just like the city’s police officers.

  6. Are TUPD officers trained as police or security guards?

    Our officers are trained at a state-certified police training academy and receive the same training as the NOPD and state police.

  7. Do TUPD officers carry firearms?

    Yes, our officers are granted the same authority to carry firearms as the NOPD and state police.

  8. How will the consent decree between NOPD and the Department of Justice affect your work?

    The consent decree entered into in July between the New Orleans Police Department and U.S. Justice Department will not affect the longstanding collaboration between TUPD and NOPD. TUPD has worked closely with the New Orleans Police Department for decades and will continue its close working relationship. The consent decree will have no effect on the number of NOPD personnel working with us.

    The goal of the decree is to improve conditions at NOPD which will ultimately benefit all of New Orleans, including the safety of students, faculty, and staff at Tulane.

  9. Is TUPD fully Accredited?

    Yes!  TUPD became fully accredited in 2015 and was re-accredited in 2019.  Accreditation is a voluntary process whereby a police agency challenges itself to maintain the very highest standards of public safety service. Currently TUPD is 1 of only 9 departments in the State of Louisiana to achieve accreditation.       

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