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Crime Reports & Statistics

Crime Log case numbers do not run sequentially. The Tulane University Police Department assigns a case number for all reportable activities, both criminal and non-criminal. Only case numbers generated for criminal activity are listed in the crime log.

This Crime Log contains reportable activities for the Uptown and Elmwood Campuses of Tulane University. Hard copies of the Crime Log is also available at the Collins C. Diboll Complex, Tulane University Police Department, during normal business hours.

Note: Incidents with a case number that starts with "NA" involve information received from other University Administrators, who are defined by federal law as "campus security authorities". These administrators share non-identifying information, with the University Police, that is provided by the victim. In these incidents, the victim did not file an official police report and therefore, it is not always possible to provide information regarding the five areas typically covered in the Crime Log, i.e. (Nature/Classification, date Reported, Date Occurred, Time, General Location, Off Campus (Y or N) Disposition). Because an official report was not filed, there will be no disposition. These incidents are reported to the University Police for statistical purposes and are posted to the Crime Log as the information is received by the University Police.

According to Federal Law, an institution may withhold any of the required fields of entry, i.e. the nature, date, time, location and/or disposition if any of the following conditions apply:

  1. The disclosure is prohibited by law.
  2. If disclosure would jeopardize the confidentiality of the victim.
  3. If disclosure would jeopardize an ongoing criminal investigation or the safety of an individual.
  4. If disclosure would cause a suspect to flee or evade detection.
  5. If disclosure would result in the destruction of evidence.

Crime Log

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CategoryCase #Report DateCrime Date And TimeLocationOC*Disposition
Noise Complaint22-10-02-0330552022-10-022022-10-02 - 01:29008XX Lowerline St [Uptown]YesClosed. No further action
Vehicle Burglaries2206772022-10-022022-10-02 - 19:32010XX Broadway St [Uptown]YesReferred to NOPD
Disturbance22-10-02-0331632022-10-022022-10-02 - 18:38Tulane Medical Center [Downtown]NoClosed. No further action
Restricted Presence2206742022-10-012022-10-01 - 10:28Yulman Stadium [Uptown]NoOpen
Sexual Assault22-10-01-0329322022-10-012022-10-01 - 10:33Off Campus [Uptown]YesReferred to NOPD
Loud Music22-10-01-0329892022-10-012022-10-01 - 15:47009XX Broadway St [Uptown]YesClosed. Subject Arrested
Disturbance22-10-01-0329912022-10-012022-10-01 - 16:32Tulane Medical Center [Downtown]NoClosed. No further action
Criminal Mischief2206682022-09-302022-09-30 - 00:19Phelps House [Uptown]NoClosed. Subject Arrested
Battery22-09-30-0327692022-09-302022-09-30 - 03:24Republic NOLA [Uptown]YesReferred to NOPD
Battery22-09-30-0328372022-09-302022-09-30 - 15:09The Coffee Science [Uptown]YesReferred to NOPD
Theft of Bicycle2206712022-09-302022-09-30 - 16:16Goldring Woldenberg Hall Bike Rack [Uptown]NoOpen
Theft2206692022-09-302022-09-30 - 08:40Tulane Medical Center [Downtown]NoOpen
Disturbance22-09-30-0328812022-09-302022-09-30 - 19:28Tulane Medical Center [Downtown]NoClosed. No further action
Obscenity2206612022-09-292022-09-29 - 12:35Monroe Hall Exterior [Uptown]NoOpen
Simple Battery2206652022-09-292022-09-26 - 14:12Phelps House [Uptown]NoClosed. Subject Arrested
Fire2206662022-09-292022-09-28 - 16:37Turchin Stadium Concession Stand [Uptown]NoOpen
Loud Music22-09-29-0327262022-09-292022-09-29 - 21:30006XX Broadway St [Uptown]YesClosed. No further action
Loud Music22-09-29-0327302022-09-292022-09-26 - 22:16071XX Freret St [Uptown]YesClosed. No further action
Unlawful Communications2206672022-09-292022-09-29 - 17:00Tulane Medical Center [Downtown]NoOpen
Minor in Possession of Alcohol2206602022-09-282022-09-28 - 20:49Phelps Hall [Uptown]NoClosed. Subject Arrested
Suspicious Person22-09-28-0325452022-09-282022-09-28 - 22:01009XX Broadway St [Uptown]YesClosed. No identifiable suspect
Suspicious Person22-09-28-0325292022-09-282022-09-28 - 18:48013XX Gravier St [Downtown]YesClosed. No identifiable suspect
Vehicle Burglary22-09-23-0323232022-09-272022-09-27 - 13:15021XX Broadway St [Uptown]YesReferred to NOPD
Vehicle Burglary22-09-27-0323472022-09-272022-09-27 - 16:38083XX Maple St [Uptown]YesReferred to NOPD
Vehicle Burglary22-09-27-0323552022-09-272022-09-27 - 17:25030XX Calhoun St [Uptown]YesReferred to NOPD
Noise Complaint22-09-27-0324052022-09-272022-09-27 - 23:17018XX Audubon St [Uptown]YesClosed. No further action
Simple Robbery22-09-26-0322332022-09-262022-09-26 - 23:56005XX Pine St [Uptown]YesReferred to NOPD
Auto Burglary2206392022-09-262022-09-26 - 15:30Open Lots 002XX S Robertson St [Downtown]YesOpen
Theft2206542022-09-262022-09-26 - 18:32Hutchinson Building [Downtown]NoOpen
Disturbance22-09-26-0322282022-09-262022-09-26 - 22:33Tulane Medical Center [Downtown]NoClosed. No further action
Theft2206482022-09-252022-09-25 - 12:19010XX Broadway St [Uptown]YesOpen
Vehicle Burglaries2206492022-09-252022-09-25 - 16:16Claiborne Parking Lot [Uptown]NoOpen
Cyberstalking2206512022-09-252022-09-25 - 00:35Decou-Labat Residence [Uptown]NoOpen
Criminal Trespass/Resisting Arrest2206412022-09-242022-09-24 - 00:08Tulane Medical Center [Downtown]NoClosed. Subject Arrested
Armed Robbery22-09-23-0317872022-09-242022-09-24 - 00:16Freret ST & Jefferson Ave [Uptown]YesReferred to NOPD
Loud Music22-09-24-0318792022-09-242022-09-24 - 17:14Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity [Uptown]YesClosed. Subject Arrested
Public Intoxication22-09-23-0316262022-09-232022-09-23 - 01:50The Boot Bar [Uptown]YesClosed. Subject Arrested
Criminal Damage to Property2206392022-09-232022-09-23 - 08:27LaSalle Garage [Downtown]NoOpen
Aggravated Battery by Cutting22-09-23-0317852022-09-232022-09-23 - 23:55004XX Bourbon St [Downtown]YesReferred to NOPD
Purse Snatching22-09-23-0317762022-09-232022-09-23 - 22:44Magazine St & Webster St [Uptown]YesReferred to NOPD
Restricted Presence2206352022-09-222022-09-20 - 13:32Howard Tilton Memorial Library [Uptown]NoClosed. Subject barred
Loud Noise22-09-22-0316202022-09-222022-09-22 - 23:38008XX Broadway St [Uptown]YesClosed. Subject Arrested
Disturbance22-09-21-0313962022-09-212022-09-21 - 15:58Tidewater [Downtown]NoClosed. No further action
Disturbance22-09-21-0314352022-09-212022-09-21 - 21:22Tulane Medical Center [Downtown]NoClosed. No further action
Extortion/Possession of Stolen Propert2206322022-09-212022-09-21 - 18:12Off Campus [Uptown]YesOpen
Theft of Bicycle22-09-21-0314252022-09-212022-09-21 - 19:19025XX Calhoun St [Uptown]YesReferred to NOPD
Theft2206252022-09-202022-09-20 - 07:06Tulane Cancer Center [Downtown]NoOpen
Restricted Presence2206202022-09-182022-09-18 - 06:45002XX LaSalle St [Downtown]NoClosed. No further action
Theft2206222022-09-182022-09-18 - 20:32Reilly Center [Uptown]NoOpen
Criminal Damage to Property2206162022-09-172022-09-17 - 03:28Boot Bar [Uptown]YesClosed. Subject Arrested
Aggravated Battery by Cutting22-09-17-0308752022-09-172022-09-17 - 10:42007XX Canal St. [Downtown]YesReferred to NOPD
Noise Complaint22-09-17-0308122022-09-172022-09-17 - 14:12009XX Lowerline St [Uptown]YesClosed. No further action
Noise Complaint22-09-17-0308152022-09-172022-09-17 - 14:23012XX Broadway St [Uptown]YesClosed. No further action
Noise Complaint22-09-17-0308272022-09-172022-09-17 - 15:50009XX Lowerline St [Uptown]YesClosed. Subject Arrested
Noise Complaint22-09-17-0308312022-09-172022-09-17 - 16:54012XX Broadway St [Uptown]YesClosed. Subject Arrested
Noise Complaint22-09-17-0308262022-09-172022-09-17 - 16:59015XX Hillary St [Uptown]YesClosed. No further action
Disturbance2206182022-09-172022-09-17 - 20:07Plum St & Broadway St [Uptown]YesClosed. Subject Arrested
Disturbance22-09-16-0306342022-09-162022-09-16 - 06:38Tulane Medical Center [Downtown]NoClosed. No further action
Disturbance22-09-16-0306462022-09-162022-09-16 - 08:01LaSalle Garage [Downtown]NoClosed. No identifiable suspect
Restricted Presence2206132022-09-162022-09-16 - 08:46Claiborne Parking Lot [Uptown]NoClosed. No further action
Simple Rape22-09-15-0305412022-09-152022-09-15 - 13:52Off Campus [Uptown]YesReferred to NOPD
Theft2206062022-09-142022-09-14 - 10:21Lavin Bernick Center [Uptown]NoOpen
Possession of Narcotics2206072022-09-142022-09-14 - 18:14Aron Hall [Uptown]NoClosed. No further action
Suspicious Person22-09-13-0301922022-09-132022-09-13 - 08:48LaSalle Garage [Downtown]NoClosed. No identifiable suspect
Possession of Marijuana2206052022-09-132022-09-13 - 19:50Irby Hall [Uptown]NoClosed. No further action
Restricted Presence2205982022-09-122022-09-12 - 11:52Lavin Bernick Center [Uptown]NoClosed. No further action
Cyberstalking2206002022-09-122022-09-12 - 18:49Cyberspace [Uptown]NoClosed. No identifiable suspect
Disturbance22-09-10-0299042022-09-112022-09-11 - 03:59Tulane Medical Center [Downtown]NoClosed. No further action
Simple Battery2205962022-09-112022-09-11 - 03:59Tulane Medical Center [Downtown]NoClosed. Subject Arrested
Disturbance22-09-11-0299852022-09-112022-09-11 - 18:51016XX S Carrollton Ave [Uptown]YesClosed. No further action
Trespassing/Resisting an Officer2205972022-09-112022-09-11 - 20:37Diboll Garage [Uptown]NoClosed. Subject Arrested
Disturbance22-09-10-0298572022-09-102022-09-10 - 19:23Tulane Medical Center [Downtown]NoClosed. No further action
Noise Complaint22-09-10-0298382022-09-102022-09-10 - 16:16008XX Broadway St [Uptown]YesClosed. Subject Arrested
Noise Complaint22-09-10-0298332022-09-102022-09-10 - 16:16Sigma Chi Fraternity [Uptown]YesClosed. Subject Arrested
Disturbance22-09-09-0296122022-09-092022-09-09 - 04:01Tulane Medical Center [Downtown]NoClosed. No further action
Loud Noise22-09-09-0295942022-09-092022-09-09 - 00:06020XX Calhoun St [Uptown]YesClosed. No further action
Theft2205882022-09-092022-09-09 - 08:25Berger Family Lawn [Uptown]NoClosed. No identifiable suspect
Disturbance2205832022-09-082022-09-08 - 16:54Weinman Rd [Uptown]NoOpen
Theft22-09-07-293182022-09-072022-09-07 - 01:40Loyola Ave & Tulane Ave [Downtown]YesReferred to NOPD
Vehicle Burglary2205782022-09-072022-09-07 - 12:02Ruth Fertel Clinic [Downtown]NoClosed. No identifiable suspect
Sexual Battery/Trespassing2205802022-09-072022-09-07 - 19:46Sharp Hall / The Commons-exterior [Uptown]NoClosed. Subject Arrested
Trespassing2205812022-09-072022-09-07 - 21:48Weatherhead Hall [Uptown]NoClosed. Subject Arrested
Suspicious Person22-09-06-0291912022-09-062022-09-06 - 08:01LaSalle Garage [Downtown]NoClosed. No further action
Restricted Presence2205742022-09-062022-09-06 - 17:05Tulane Medical Center [Downtown]NoClosed. No further action
Drug Law Violation2205752022-09-062022-09-06 - 17:05Tulane Medical Center [Downtown]NoClosed. No identifiable suspect
Restricted Presence2205702022-09-052022-09-05 - 00:14Butler House [Uptown]NoClosed. No further action
Disturbing the Peace by Fighting22-09-05-0290492022-09-052022-09-05 - 01:41010XX Broadway St [Uptown]YesReferred to NOPD
Theft of Bicycle2205722022-09-052022-09-05 - 19:30Howard Tilton Memorial Library [Uptown]NoClosed. No identifiable suspect
Attempted Carjacking22-09-05-0291402022-09-052022-09-05 - 21:59St Charles Ave & Palmer Ave [Uptown]YesReferred to NOPD
Auto Theft22-09-04-0289402022-09-042022-09-04 - 02:35Broadway St & Oak St [Uptown]YesReferred to NOPD
Vehicle Burglary2205672022-09-042022-09-04 - 14:27Saratoga Garage [Downtown]NoClosed. No identifiable suspect
Loud Noise22-09-04-0289912022-09-042022-09-04 - 16:00010XX Pine St [Uptown]YesClosed. No further action
Simple Criminal Damage to Property2205682022-09-042022-09-04 - 19:45Warren House [Uptown]NoClosed. No further action
Auto Theft22-09-03-0288572022-09-032022-09-03 - 10:35010XX Broadway St [Uptown]YesReferred to NOPD
Noise Complaint22-09-03-0289192022-09-032022-09-03 - 21:55015XX Hillary St [Uptown]YesClosed. No further action
Theft2205642022-09-032022-09-03 - 23:47Phelps Hall [Uptown]NoClosed. No identifiable suspect
Disturbance22-09-02-0286912022-09-022022-09-02 - 09:05Tulane Medical Center [Downtown]NoClosed. No further action
Theft2205582022-09-022022-09-02 - 11:11Tulane Medical Center Gift Shop [Downtown]NoClosed. No identifiable suspect
Theft of Bicycle2205592022-09-022022-09-02 - 13:12Tulane Medical Center [Downtown]NoClosed. No identifiable suspect
Suspicious Person22-09-02-0287422022-09-022022-09-02 - 17:32LaSalle Garage [Downtown]NoClosed. No identifiable suspect
Reckless Driving22-09-02-0287692022-09-022022-09-02 - 20:23Freret ST & Palmer Ave [Uptown]YesReferred to NOPD
Loud Music22-09-02-0287832022-09-022022-09-02 - 22:49010XX Audubon St [Uptown]YesClosed. No further action
Loud Music22-09-02-0287902022-09-022022-09-02 - 23:27Kappa Alpha Fraternity [Uptown]YesClosed. Subject Arrested
Vehicle Burglary22-09-01-0285102022-09-012022-09-01 - 07:38002XX S Villere St [Downtown]YesReferred to NOPD
Suspicious Person22-09-01-0285172022-09-012022-09-01 - 08:43Tulane Medical Center [Downtown]NoClosed. No further action
Disturbance22-09-01-0285702022-09-012022-09-01 - 16:02Tulane Medical Center [Downtown]NoClosed. No further action
Disturbance22-09-01-0285942022-09-012022-09-01 - 19:11Tulane Medical Center [Downtown]NoClosed. No further action
Tampering2205552022-09-012022-09-01 - 16:37Wilson Center [Uptown]NoClosed. Subject Arrested
Simple Battery2205562022-09-012022-09-01 - 20:47Ben Weiner Dr [Uptown]NoOpen
Simple Criminal Damage2205462022-08-312022-08-31 - 11:29Jones Hall Bike Rack [Uptown]NoClosed. No identifiable suspect
Theft22-08-31-0284402022-08-312022-08-31 - 20:48059XX Freret St [Uptown]YesReferred to NOPD
Vehicle Burglary22-08-30-0282642022-08-302022-08-30 - 15:42Saratoga Garage [Downtown]NoReferred to NOPD
Sexual Assault22-08-30-0283182022-08-302022-08-30 - 22:29S Carrollton St & Willow St [Uptown]YesReferred to NOPD
Suspicious Person22-08-29-0280992022-08-292022-08-29 - 12:35J. Bennett Johnston Building [Downtown]NoClosed. No identifiable suspect
Vehicle Burglary2205382022-08-292022-08-29 - 12:59010XX Broadway St [Uptown]YesClosed. No further action
Cyberstalking2203112022-08-292022-08-29 - 16:00012XX Broadway St [Uptown]NoClosed. Subject Arrested
Simple Criminal Damage2205372022-08-272022-08-27 - 13:29Warren House Bike Rack [Uptown]NoClosed. No identifiable suspect
Noise Complaint22-08-27-0278722022-08-272022-08-27 - 16:02008XX Broadway St [Uptown]YesClosed. No further action
Noise Complaint22-08-27-0278752022-08-272022-08-27 - 17:02008XX Broadway St [Uptown]YesClosed. No further action
Noise Complaint22-08-26-0276352022-08-262022-08-26 - 00:35008XX Broadway St [Uptown]YesClosed. No further action
Suspicious Person22-08-26-0277582022-08-262022-08-26 - 21:33009XX Lowerline St [Uptown]YesClosed. No identifiable suspect
Simple Battery2205332022-08-252022-08-25 - 18:02Tulane Medical Center [Downtown]NoUnfounded
Theft2205312022-08-242022-08-24 - 17:52Tulane Medical Center [Downtown]NoClosed. No identifiable suspect
Loud Music22-08-23-0273012022-08-232022-08-23 - 22:36Sigma Chi Fraternity [Uptown]YesClosed. No further action
Criminal Damage2205272022-08-232022-08-23 - 22:30Tulane Medical Center [Downtown]NoClosed. Subject Arrested
Criminal Mischief2205262022-08-222022-08-22 - 23:12Monroe Hall [Uptown]NoClosed. Subject Arrested
Disturbance2205212022-08-222022-08-22 - 12:23Tulane Cancer Center [Downtown]NoClosed. No further action
Simple Battery2205222022-08-222022-08-22 - 13:40Tulane Medical Center [Downtown]NoClosed by Exception
Disturbance22-08-22-0270522022-08-222022-08-22 - 13:48Tulane Medical Center [Downtown]NoClosed. No further action
Suspicious Person22-08-22-0270892022-08-222022-08-22 - 18:42Cleveland St & Saratoga St [Downtown]NoClosed. No further action
Disturbance22-08-21-0268212022-08-212022-08-21 - 12:59075XX Burthe St [Uptown]YesReferred to NOPD
Simple Criminal Damage to Property22-08-21-0268552022-08-212022-08-21 - 06:03075XX Burthe St [Uptown]YesOpen
Extortion22-08-21-0268972022-08-212022-08-21 - 15:53Josephine-Louise House [Uptown]NoOpen
Theft of Bicycle22-08-21-0269282022-08-212022-08-21 - 19:34011XX Lowerline St [Uptown]YesClosed. No further action
Suspicious Person22-08-21-0268712022-08-212022-08-21 - 09:17013XX Gravier St [Downtown]YesClosed. No further action
Vehicle Burglary22-08-20-0267462022-08-202022-08-20 - 12:51Open Lots 001XX S Robertson St [Downtown]YesReferred to NOPD
Vehicle Burglary2205152022-08-202022-08-20 - 19:43Saratoga Garage [Downtown]NoClosed. No identifiable suspect
Theft of Bicycle22-08-19-0265002022-08-192022-08-19 - 00:22070XX St Charles St [Uptown]YesReferred to NOPD
Disturbance22-08-19-0265512022-08-192022-08-19 - 08:59Tulane Medical Center [Downtown]NoClosed. No further action
Disturbance22-08-19-0265652022-08-192022-08-19 - 10:25Tulane Medical Center [Downtown]NoClosed. No further action
Disturbance22-08-19-0265892022-08-192022-08-19 - 14:26Tulane Medical Center [Downtown]NoClosed. No further action
Aggravated Assault22-08-19-0266722022-08-192022-08-19 - 23:00003XX LaSalle St [Downtown]YesReferred to NOPD
Disturbance22-08-18-0264022022-08-182022-08-18 - 10:01Tulane Medical Center [Downtown]NoClosed. No further action
Disturbance22-08-18-0264082022-08-182022-08-18 - 10:43Tulane Medical Center [Downtown]NoClosed. No identifiable suspect
Theft2205082022-08-182022-08-18 - 17:03Tulane Medical Center [Downtown]NoClosed. No identifiable suspect
Trespassing2205062022-08-172022-08-17 - 22:52Tulane Medical Center [Downtown]NoClosed. Subject Arrested
Restricted Presence2204972022-08-152022-08-15 - 11:14Cancer Center [Downtown]NoClosed. No further action
Disturbance22-08-15-0259902022-08-152022-08-15 - 13:28Cleveland Ave [Downtown]YesClosed. No identifiable suspect
Disturbance22-08-15-0260102022-08-152022-08-15 - 16:49Tulane Medical Center [Downtown]NoClosed. No further action
Suspicious Person2204932022-08-142022-08-14 - 08:30070XX Freret St [Uptown]YesClosed. No further action
Suspicious Person2204942022-08-142022-08-14 - 09:02012XX Broadway St [Uptown]YesClosed. No further action
Loud Music22-08-14-0258862022-08-142022-08-14 - 22:40022XX State St [Uptown]YesClosed. No further action
Simple Battery2204922022-08-132022-08-13 - 13:00Tulane Medical Center []NoClosed by Exception
Disturbance22-08-11-0254242022-08-112022-08-11 - 12:03Tulane Medical Center [Downtown]NoClosed. No further action
Disturbance22-08-10-0252912022-08-102022-08-10 - 10:16Tulane Medical Center [Downtown]NoClosed. No further action
Auto Burglary22-08-10-0253652022-08-102022-08-10 - 22:12Cleveland St & LaSalle St [Downtown]YesReferred to NOPD
Burglary2204872022-08-102022-08-10 - 12:530006X Neron Place [Uptown]YesClosed. Subject Arrested
Theft of Bicycle2204832022-08-092022-08-09 - 14:23Monroe Hall Bicycle Rack [Uptown]NoClosed. No identifiable suspect
Theft From Building2204842022-08-092022-08-09 - 18:59Tulane Medical Center [Downtown]NoClosed. No identifiable suspect
Suspicious Person22-08-08-0249902022-08-082022-08-08 - 01:40013XX Gravier St [Downtown]YesClosed. No further action
Suspicious Person22-08-08-0249902022-08-082022-08-08 - 01:40013XX Gravier St [Downtown]YesClosed. No further action
Vehicle Theft22-08-05-0247442022-08-052022-08-05 - 16:41Hillary St & Hampson St [Uptown]YesReferred to NOPD
Disturbance22-08-05-0247412022-08-052022-08-05 - 16:00Tulane Medical Center [Downtown]NoClosed. No further action

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Crime Log Disposition Definitions

The following is an explanation of terminology used to complete the Disposition section of the TUPD Crime Log:

Open Case: The case is currently being investigated by TUPD.

Unfounded: The case is determined through investigation to be false or baseless. No offense occurred nor was attempted.

Closed. Referred to department: The case is referred to the appropriate supervisory employee or to Human Resources. Those departments review the case and determine if disciplinary action will be initiated.

Closed. Referred to NOPD: This case is being investigated by the New Orleans Police Department.

Closed. Referred to Outside Agency: The case is being investigated by a law enforcement agency other than NOPD. The specific agency will be identified in the disposition.

Closed. Referred to Dean of Students Office: The case has been forwarded to the Dean of Students Office. That office is responsible for reviewing the case and for determining whether or not the student(s) involved will be charged with violation(s) of the Student Code Of Conduct.

Closed. Referred to Title IX Coordinator/Office: The case has been forwarded to the Title IX Coordinator/Office. That Coordinator/Office is responsible for reviewing the case and for determining whether or not a Title IX investigation is warranted and/or whether any other action will be taken to resolve the case.

Closed. Victim Declined to Prosecute: The victim decided not to press charges or follow through with the criminal process.

Closed. Referred to Prosecutor: The case is referred to the prosecutor's office. That agency will review the case and determine if charges will be filed.

Closed. Public Space: Closed. Case occurred on public property within the campus boundaries. TUPD did not investigate the case.

Closed. Off-campus incident: Closed. Case occurred off-campus and is not within the University's jurisdiction. TUPD did not investigate the case.

Closed. Subject barred: The subject(s) has been issued a University bar notice which restricts the subject(s) from entering or accessing any Tulane University property. A violation of a bar notice my result in that person's arrest for trespassing.

Closed. Subject arrested: The subject(s) has been arrested by either TUPD or NOPD.

Closed. No suspects or witnesses: Case has no solvability.

Closed. No identifiable suspect: A description and/or video surveillance of the subject is available by positive identification of the subject has not been made.

Closed. Reclassified: The original incident report classification has been changed to accurately reflect the appropriate classification, based on the results of the investigation.

Closed. No further action: No further investigative action is required.

Closed by Exception: In certain situations, elements beyond law enforcement’s control prevent the agency from arresting and formally charging the offender. (but enough evidence was gathered to support an arrest, make a charge, and turn over the offender to the court for prosecution making the case Closed by Exception).