Operation Identification

What is Operation Identification?

Operation Identification is a citizen's burglary prevention tool for use in homes and businesses. The Operation ID program involves the marking of property with an identifying number as a means of discouraging burglary and theft. In doing so, property is more easily traced and identified as yours.

What makes Operation Identification So Effective?

Marked property is difficult for a burglar to dispose of or re-sell. It can be traced to the rightful owner with relative ease. If the burglar is caught with marked property, it can be potentially solid evidence of possession of stolen goods.

How To Participate?

To participate in Operation Identification call the Tulane University Health Sciences Center Police Department's Crime Prevention Unit and ask about borrowing an electric engraving tool. If they have one available, if can be picked up at the Crime Prevention Office located in the Tulane University Medical School. There is no charge to use the engraver, however we ask that it be returned as soon as possible. They also can be purchased in any hardware store at very little expense.

When marking your valuables, (Note: only use engravers on property with metal backings ie, stereos, TVS, VCRS, etc...) always use a number that you can remember easily. It is not recommended that you use your social security number. Also, always use the two letter state abbreviation in which you live, along with your special number. Notice there are no gaps or spaces in the sample number shown. "LA123ABC" As you mark your items, always engrave the number on an area that cannot be easily dismantled, and which is not easily seen.

After marking your property, make a detailed list of your valuables and keep a copy of the list in a safe place (fire proof safe, or safe deposit box). If you should subsequently become a burglary victim, you will be able to quickly describe the stolen property from the list. Of course some items can not be marked and we suggest a photograph or video of these items. This will be great help to the police department in our attempts to recover the stolen property.

Some examples are: Tape Recorders, Televisions, Air Conditioners, Camera, Kitchen Appliances, Hubcaps of Automobiles, Law Mowers, Edgers, Weedeaters, Radios, Stereo, Rifles, Pistols, Shotguns, Typewriter, Business Machines, Fax Machines, Computer and Computer Components, Tools, Power Tools, Automobiles, Motorcycles, Bicycles, Boats, Boat Motors, VCR's, Art or any other item that may be of value to you.

There are many other crime prevention anti-burglary precautions which you can take to protect your home, property, business, and family. For further information, contact the Crime Prevention Unit at 988-5531 or view our Safety Tip pages.