How To Contact Us

(Five digit numbers are campus extensions, which can be reached from off-campus with a preceding 865, unless otherwise noted.)

Call 55911 from any campus phone for fire, medical, or police assistance. If you feel threatened or see something suspicious, don't delay - call for help so we can get the information we need.

55911 is also the number for reporting a crime. Whenever reporting a crime, please remain on the line until the dispatcher informs you that they have all of the necessary information to address your complaint. An officer will be dispatched quickly. You can contact the TUPD several ways:

  1. In person at the TUPD Office, located in the Collins C. Diboll Complex.
  2. By phone: (504) 865-5911
  3. Blue Light Phone: 5911 or "push to talk".

We open 24 hours every day. To report a crime to the New Orleans Police Department, call 911 from any pay-phone or off-campus phone.

The TUPD: Is your source for information and assistance for improving personal security. We also provide escorts as victims go through the criminal justice system, and offers victim-aware referrals for academic, legal, housing, medical and counseling assistance. 55381.

Please Note: You can be connected to the New Orleans Police Department by dialing 911 from any on-campus telephone.