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Dormitory Security

  • Keep your doors locked at all times.
  • Mark your property through the Operation Identification Program. Engravers are available through the TUHSC Police Department.
  • Engrave easily stolen item such as TV's, stereo's and VCR's. Keep a list of those items including brand names, model numbers, and serial numbers.
  • Do not "hide" keys over doors, under mats or in other places. Burglars know all of the hiding places.
  • Report any suspicious incidents or persons to the TUHSC Police immediately.
  • Report lost or stolen keys or access cards immediately Report broken windows, doors or lights to maintenance.
  • Do not store expensive jewelry or large amount of cash in a dormitory room.
  • Store checkbooks and passports in a secure place.
  • Do not leave coats, books or other valuable items in common areas where they may be easily stolen. Lock them in your room.
  • List only your initials on your mail box.
  • If possible install a peephole in your apartments doors.
  • When away for an extended time, inform management and have a trusted neighbor watch your room.
  • Keep drapes drawn when undressing or retiring for the night.
  • Never give information to strangers on the phone.
  • Under no circumstances should you prop open any exterior door. Although it may seem harmless and convenient, you are endangering yourself and everyone else. Exterior doors are locked for your safety. Never admit uninvited non-residents into the building. If a suspicious person enters as a legitimate occupant enters, call TUHSC Police immediately with a description.
  • Interior fire doors should never be propped open.
  • When traveling within the Health Sciences Center campus after hours, call the TUHSC Police for an escort at 988-5531.
  • Report all thefts or attempted thefts immediately.
  • Never store or leave valuables in plain view in your car.
  • Consider the purchase of a battery operated smoke detector and a small fire extinguisher.
  • Familiarize yourself with evacuation and emergency plans for your building ASAP after your arrival.
  • When approaching entrances to the building have your key or access card in your hand and ready to use rather than standing outside fumbling through your pockets or purse.
  • If you think something is wrong or someone may be inside when you return to your room, STOP and go to the nearest phone to contact the TUHSC Police at 988-5555.
  • Never leave notes on your door saying you are out.