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RAVE Guardian

What is RAVE Guardian?

RAVE Guardian is a free and optional personal safety service that is available to Tulane students, faculty, and staff who have a login.

How does RAVE Guardian work?

Once you register and create a user profile, you may request a virtual safety escort by simply dialing the number and inputting the amount of time you believe it will take for you to arrive at your destination. Upon your safe arrival, simply call RAVE Guardian and deactivate the timer. If you do not deactivate the timer before it expires, TUPD will be notified and we will follow up.

Walk Times

To determine how long to set your virtual escort timer, please use this map of walktimes.

View Walktimes Map

Features and Support

Registering for RAVE Guardian

Registering for RAVE Guardian is quick and easy. Follow this link and log in using your Tulane ID. You can update your profile with as much information as you like. Inputting your physical description, a photo, known allergies, and other medical information can assist the TUPD find and assist you if necessary. Lastly, choose a unique PIN number then confirm once you receive a text on the phone you registered.

Personal Profile

With RAVE Guardian you can build a unique personal profile that instantaneously provides TUPD dispatchers with critical information should you call them from your registered phone number. All information provided by you is optional and is only seen when you call for assistance.

The Rave Guardian App lets users set a "Safety Timer" session

Once activated, "guardians" in the user's virtual safety network can monitor the user's status updates and locations.

Guardians are automatically notified at assigned check-in times.

If the timer expires or the user initiates a panic call, Rave Guardian automatically notifies trusted resources.

Tips and Multi-Media Texting

Allows members of a community to send text and photo content directly to campus safety officials via Rave's secure infrastructure.

Campus Safety Officials can provide instruction or follow up to learn more.

Tips can be sent anonymously or not, based on the institution's configuration.

Emergency Call Button

Through their mobile device, a user can send an alert to campus safety with one click, automatically providing student information and GPS location.

Safety Profiles for Faster Emergency Response

User-created Safety Profiles may contain any information that you wish to disclose in the case of an emergency such an address or a medical condition. Only when the user requires assistance will the user's safety profile will be provided to the TUPD.

Frequently Asked Questions