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Hazardous Material Release

What You Should Do

  • Report all releases or spills of hazardous materials that you may observe to Tulane Police.  Tulane Police Emergency Numbers are:
    • Tulane National Primate Center Police emergency: 985-871-6411
    • Tulane Downtown Campus Police emergency: 504-988-5555
    • Tulane Uptown Campus Police emergency: 504-865-5200, or pick-up the nearest emergency blue-light phone.
    • Other Campuses: Call 911
  • Tell the TUPD Dispatcher your name.
  • Tell the TUPD Dispatcher the exact location of the spill or release.
  • If possible, give the source, character, amount and extent of the material spill/release.
  • Notify the TUPD Dispatcher if there are any injuries associated with the incident.
  • Shut windows, turn off open flames and open hoods in the area, if possible. Do NOT risk your personal safety.
  • Stay a safe distance away from the material that has been released or spilled.
  • Keep others from entering the area.
  • Wait for TUPD officers and emergency responders to arrive and direct them to the release/spill area.

What Will Happen

  • TUPD will activate Tulane Facilities Services and the Office of Environmental, Health and Safety (OEHS) to respond to the incident.
  • TUPD will evacuate the area or the building if necessary.
  • If the incident is large or cannot be controlled, TUPD will activate the New Orleans Fire Department for assistance, and EMS if necessary.
  • If the incident is large or threatens other areas of campus, the Tulane emergency alert system will be activated with instructions to stay away from the area of the release.
  • Tulane OEHS and/or NOFD will manage the cleanup and decontamination of the area.