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International SOS

International SOS provides medical assistance, security, and consulting services for the Office of Emergency Management. Through their intuitive travel portal, our office is able to have secure access to important travel information for students, staff and faculty of Tulane who are travel abroad. In a crisis, we rely on this important information to get you necessary assistance.

The following is a brief outline of benefits provided under the International SOS Program:

Medical Assistance: Includes referral to a doctor or medical specialist, medical monitoring when you are hospitalized, emergency medical evacuation to an adequate facility, medically necessary repatriation, and return of mortal remains.

Personal Assistance: Includes pre-trip medical referral information, embassy and consular information,  emergency information*, lost document assistance*, emergency message transmission, emergency cash advance*, referral to a lawyer*, translator/interpreter access*, medical benefits verification and medical claims assistance*. (*indicates while on a trip).

Travel Assistance: Includes emergency travel arrangements, return of traveling companions/dependents, and return of vehicle.

Security Assistance: Includes evacuation when personal security is threatened by any political instability or civil unrest to a safe location at the earliest reasonably possible time. If evacuation is not reasonably possible, regular contact can be maintained until the threat to personal security is abated or evacuation becomes reasonably possible.

Please note that this is an assistance program only and does not include health insurance.

If this is your first time using International SOS, please view the tutorial to iSOS here. Afterwards, to get your International SOS card, to learn more about the program, or to review important medical and safety information about the country to which you are traveling, go to the International SOS Portal.

Tulane's Membership Number is 11BSGC000034.

You can also visit the International SOS website for more information.